1. TB接线板

1. TB接线板

一,产品特性及用途 TC系列端子是釆用板式蛔钉压接底座封闭整体式结构,额定电压600V.额定电流分15A、25 […]

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TC系列端子是釆用板式蛔钉压接底座封闭整体式结构,额定电压600V.额定电流分15A、25A、45A. 60A. 100A共五种规格,可连接导线截面10~100mm平方该产品结构简单,安装方便,配用TO型端头使用,更加牢固可可作各类电气装置中接线之用。

TC series terminal adopts the closed and integrated structure with plate type screw crimping connection base, rated voltage 600V, rated current can be divided into 15A, 25A, 45A, 60A and 100A five specifications totally, applicable sectional area of conductor is 10-100mm2. The product is featured with simple construction and convenient installation, it will be even much firmer and more reliable when being used with TO type terminal, it can be applied to connection for various electric equipment.

This series of products also is equipped with dust cap and PVC white mark.

This series of products can be perforated in the base plate and installed directly.


1. TB接线板-上海圣约实业
1. TB接线板-上海圣约实业

Installation, outline size list and schematic diagram of TB series products

1. TB接线板-上海圣约实业

四,TB 固定式端子排安装尺寸图

1. TB接线板-上海圣约实业1. TB接线板-上海圣约实业